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Wanna split?  Well, here are some more Internet destinations of high cultural value.  You can jump to links about Music, Art/Comix, Tiki or Misc.



Reverb Central
There are lots of great surf music web sites, but I’m only gonna list a few for you since you can just go to Reverb Central and get utterly drowned with information. This site is run by Phil Dirt, who probably has the best, longest running surf show around (on KFJC, based in my hometown in California). Don’t ask me how in heck he managed to review EVERY TRACK OF EVERY ALBUM in a mindblowingly comprehensive list, along with endless links and all kinds of other stuff on this site. Because it’s there.

Toni OK The One-Man Band
This kat literally plays every dang instrument on his Golden Guitar Mood LP (released in the US by Repent, but also in various forms in his native Japan).   He also plays drums for the combo The OKe-Tones.

Untamed Youth
Heroic kings of good old car-girl-surf rock, with Deke Dickerson at the helm.   Originally from Missouri and later based in LA (at least Deke was), they had the perfect pedigree.  The world is a better place for their existence.

The Saturn V Featuring Orbit
Frat-stompin' fun from the Bay Area, with the pedigree to back it up.

Fortune & Maltese & The Phabulous Pallbearers
Simply one of the best garage party combos around.  These guys know what it's all about, with Mark Lindsey style vocals, organ, and fun lyrics.

The Mighty Moguls
Another tip from Naomi Chihuahuaplanet!  This Japanese stomp band looks like a lotta fun, and they even did a U.S. tour!  Great art on their site, and great sounding music!

Alabama based surf band’s outstanding website with artwork by guitarman Rip Thrillby. Great collection of links, surf and otherwise, plus other fun stuff.

Cool And Strange Music! mag
For fans of music from off-the-beaten track.  Maybe most people would just give Grandpa's old record collection to the nearest Salvation Army, but the folks at C&SM! know just what treasures can be found therein.

Double Crown Records
Run by Sean Berry and based in Bellingham, WA. Sean has a companion ‘zine called the Continental, and he likes surf music, exotica, and old style garage and frat music. He’s also a big Sinatra fan.

Estrus Records
The label that put the fun back into buying records in the 90s. Dave Crider of the Mono Men (R.I.P.) runs things, which speaks a lot for the kind of music Estrus releases. Plenty of lo-fi, no-fi rawk, plus garage, surf, and a sprinkling of other styles. Many legends have recorded for Estrus – Phantom Surfers, Trashwomen, Man Or Astro Man, Untamed Youth, Makers, Mummies, Teengenerate, Satans Pilgrims, Woggles, Impala, etc.

Hillsdale Records
Small Bay Area record label run by the savvy Johnny Bartlett, who has an ear for authenticity, with tastes in surf, beat, and teen / frat music. I’ve got copies of just about every Hillsdale release, but let me say this – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THE FORTUNE & MALTESE LP FROM HILLSDALE!

KZSU Radio
Stanford University radio.  Eclectic, well-respected, and they also have a RealAudio simulcast!  I did a couple shows there for about 8 years.

Rockhouse Records
Great resource (but pretty expensive) for a lot of hard to find Euro releases.

Space Age Bachelor Pad
Entry into the world of exotica and other retro-hip music, from the golden age of record cover art.


Art / Comix

Gemstone Publishing Inc.
Home to Russ Cochran, publisher of the current reprint line of EC comics from the 50s. ECs were the main target of the crusade against horror and crime comics in the 50s. All the EC titles fizzled out soon after, except Mad, which avoided the hysteria by switching to magazine format. The ECs were also well known for their stable of quality artists (Wood, Davis, Kurtzman, Williamson, etc.) and their unique strength in storytelling.

La Luz De Jesus
The Los Angeles mecca of lowbrow art, with past shows from Coop, The Pizz, Shag, Owen Smith, Aaron Marshall and other kingpins. Website has images from current and previous shows.

Roq La Rue
Seattle-based lowbrow gallery.  They've had some neat shows with some of my favorites - Dan Clowes, Aaron Marshall, Glenn Barr, etc.

Burning Brush
Art auction site, where you can buy some neat stuff from budding artists on the "lowbrow" scene. Sadly outta business now, but the website's still there with some links.

Hipster tiki lounge art from Shag, man of many talents. He also used to play guitar for the Tiki Tones and Huntington Cads.

Bosko’s Tiki Art
Hand made Californesian stuff from tiki mugs to poles, masks, and more.

Miles Thompson's site.  He used to work at Icebox, and some fun cartoons of his own on the site.  Also a whole bunch of fabulous paintings, with a great lighthearted Hawaiiana flavor and some outstanding musical choices too!  I noticed a Treble Spankers tune as the "background music" for one of his Island Gallery images.  Fun!

Tim Biskup
Neat abstract illustrations and paintings, along with some heavily Flora/Deitch influenced stuff, and some Japanese pop-culture subject matter too (Godzilla, Kaiju, Kamen).

Dave Burke / Mosterfetish
Dave Burke is on the cusp of hot rod and Roth type eyeballs-a-popping stuff, combined with monsters, cartoon characters, Captain Crunch and his crew, and an unusual foot fetish.

Jim Flora Gallery
Online gallery of record cover art and other stuff by mid-century brushwielder Jim Flora.

Tiki & Lowbrow Art by Flounder
A Florida based painter, Flounder has some nice work in tiki themes and other subjects. Check out his tiki series painted on burlap.

Mad Magazine Cover Site



Tiki News
San Francisco based zine devoted to all things tiki.  Also good record reviews and sponsoring of SF surf-tiki events.

Tiki Bar Review Page
Lots of tiki-related info and links, including some listings and reviews of tiki bars across the fruited plains, and even a tiki mug trading post.

Tiki Central
The place to go for an online dialog of information, ebay grumbling, tiki socializing, and general modern primitive fantasizing.  Fantastic, friendly, and free!

Book Of Tiki
From Sir Sven, the senior tiki guru, the big kahuna, the great kanaka, the... well, you get the picture.  Of course, he's the author of THEE Book Of Tiki.

Tiki Room (.com)
From Hanford Lemoore, founder of Tiki Central (see above).   Music and book reviews and more tiki-ness.

Tiki Room (.net)
SF bay area tiki enthusiast!  Lots of info, pics, links, and collectibles for viewing pleasure.

Tiki O Rama
Who is the mysterious Miss Thumper?  Fun collection of tiki-related art in her "book" - just click through pages of text and illustrations she put together.  Also some fun links, and check out her Japorama too!

Authentic Tiki
Tiki pendants for sale.

Tikis of Hawaii
Carved tikis for sale.


Misc Culture

Yowsa, fun site from Naomi!  With a decidedly Spumco/Kricfalusi graphic style, Naomi does art for some Japanese bands like Toni OK, and she also dives headlong into the pool of all things cool and fun with a lowbrow rock 'n roll style.   Dig her prolific pics from bands playing in Japan, and also from her trip to the USA.

House Industries
In the driver's seat of hip typography and graphic design for the digital age, while respectfully flashing their high-beams at some time-honored graphic traditions of the past.

Space Age City
Holy Googie Batman!  Wow, what an amazing collection of images and commentary about the "googie" mid-century design esthetic, from cars to architecture to Disney.  Fabulous!

Mystery Date
The companion site to Lynn Peril's DIY zine by the same name.   Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes just plain interesting graphics and commentary from an anthropologist of the modern (or mid-century modern) female.  Whatever my feeble attempt to describe it, Lynn probably puts it better - "One gal's guide to good stuff."

Julie Pavlowski Photography
With all kinds of great photo credits, this gal is not only a hipster connected with many of the cooler music and other scenes, she's a solid photographer too.

Bollywood LP Covers
Wow, interesting collection of cover art from Bollywood film soundtracks.  Lots of popup ads though.

Neato Brazilian site (sadly in Portuguese only).  English speakers can still probably figure out most of what it's about, and there are lots of fun graphics, especially under Cultura.

Barkcloth Hawaii - Fifties Tropical Fabric Shop
Tropical Hawaiian barkcloth textiles with VINTAGE, 50's motifs for retro home decorating, sewing & crafting design.  UPHOLSTERY, drapery & garment weights for your fifties fashions.

Big Blue Car
Devoted to the 49-51 Mercury and other postwar classics from a truly golden age of the automobile.

Mooneyes USA

So-Cal Speed Shop

Hammond-Leslie FAQ
Model info and photos for most models of the Hammond organ and Leslie speaker.   Wow.

VOX Showroom
VOX central!  Model info on VOX organs, guitars, amps, etc.  Also a bulletin board for seekers and sellers of VOX and related gear.

Terry Way's Tiki Beer T-Shirt


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