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Welcome to the Bamboo Room!  As always, here's what you can do inside...

Read!  Sporadically updated record, image, and cover art features, along with music reviews, and any other junk I can think of.  At this rate, admittedly the features are more like yearly rather than monthly. Anyway, you can also check out the archive of previous features.  Last updated July 2005 with the stuff below.

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tiki1.gif (10809 bytes) About your host...  As far as the non-professional stuff, I'm into the culture of the postwar era (45-65), along with modern "revivals" of the same kinda stuff.  Tikis, hawaiiana, EC Comics and so-called lowbrow art, American autos from 49-57, Elvis movies, etc.  Also dig surf music, soundtracks, frat/garage music, rockabilly, western swing, exotica, WWII music, Vegas vocals, and so on. tiki3.gif (16865 bytes)


Here's a photo of me and a buddy in Manhattan Beach (and another shot).

Goofy pic at a friend's wedding.