Image Of The Month - Mar 99

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Tales From The Tube No. 1

Rick Griffin did the cover illo for this 1971 comic insert in Surfer magazine, with art by other "underground comix" guys like Crumb, Robert Williams, and S. Clay Wilson.  Obviously this cover is a nod to the old EC Comics horror titles, substituting FF (for Foamy Funny) in place of the typical EC logo.  Being '71, there's lots of free ride psychedelico airbrush stuff inside, like in the story "Cosmic Shangri-La" - "Spinning liquid chamber, Green emerald room, Baptized in cosmic juice, Deep within nature's womb."  Despite such sidetrips to weirdsville, there's also a lot of fun in here, especially in Williams' "The Tides That Bind" and Griffin's "Owoooo", which shifts mid-story into some classic Japanese-style wave scenes.


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