Cover Art Of The Month - Apr 99

cvr_hawfav.jpg (44814 bytes)

Ray Kinney & His Coral Islanders - Hawaiian Favorites

There's nothing like old Hawaiian records, and in terms of cover art, most old Hawaiian records are nothing like this one.  The usual formula is a cover photo of a beach, an island waterfall, a tropical sunset, a luau, a lovely wahine, or any combination of these.  But Camden instead had this artwork done for the LP (assuming they didn't borrow it from something else), with a unique, simple 50s style drawing that aims to capture the mood of unspoiled Hawaii, and also capture the eye of the browsing record-buyer.  Unfortunately the sounds on the record don't really live up to the fun stylishness on the cover, being mostly bland orchestral arrangements.   No idea when this record dates from, but judging from the music, my guess would be that it pre-dates Hawaiian statehood (1959).


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