Cover Art Of The Month - Mar 99

cvr_talesestrus3.jpg (81808 bytes)

Tales From Estrus Vol 3 7" EP (Estrus)

Darren Merinuk penned the EC style cover on this 4 song EP, borrowing from the Tales From The Crypt comics from the 50s.  Estrus Records has a series of these deals that they've put out over the years, showing off a handful of bands on themed compilations like the Estrus Gearbox, and Cocktail Companion (which pre-dated the big time cocktail thing we're experiencing these days).  As usual, the packaging on this one is a big part of what makes it fun - the bands themselves star in an 8 page comic horror beach adventure drawn by Merinuk inside.  He's from Canada and does all kinds of illustration for record covers, underground zines and such.


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