Cover Art Of The Month - Dec 98

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Surfin' Around the World Vol 2 (Pinup)

There's a lot I love about this great LP.   First off, Trent Ruane from the Mummies did the surf fink illustration on the cover.  Second, the subtitle on the LP, "KZSU's Battle Of The Surfing Bands," refers to my old college station where I used to do a couple shows.   Third, the music on here is a great collection of a variety of surf bands from the U.S. and foreign shores.  Just like some of the old "Battle of the Bands" LPs, KZSU actually had nothing to do with this album, except for the liner notes by Dr. Sauce, a former KZSU dj and member of the Vulcaneers.  More recently he's played with the Dukes of Hamburg, who have a couple LPs on Dionysus.


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