Cover Art Of The Month - June 2004

Sesame Street Fever

Sesame Street Fever LP

I love Sesame Street LPs!  It's pretty darn hard to find any of these in playable condition at all though, because if you think about it, we were all pretty merciless on these poor vinyl artifacts when we were kids!  This one above, the Sesame Street Fever album, has got to be a classic.  Also interesting to note that Andy Gibb appears on a couple of the songs on here - I guess he was trying to cash in on the talent of the Sesame Street disco royalty.  Grover has clearly got the new duds and he's ready to trip the light fantastic and win the dance competition!  This is a gatefold LP, so I've included another scan of the interior below, so you can see the moves being performed by the other Sesame Street residents.  The song Doing The Pigeon must've been a hit for Bert, because it also appears again on his greatest hits LP Bert's Blockbusters below.  I have maybe 7 or 8 Sesame Street LPs, but no idea how many were ever released.  It probably should be expected that there's already a whole price guide and collector market for these, as there is for everything else in the world.  Anyway, also included yet another cover at the bottom too!

Sesame Street Fever inner gatefold

Bert's Blockbusters

Sesame Street Monsters!


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