Cover Art Of The Month - July 2002

cvr_dayton.jpg (95084 bytes)

Don't Look Now But It's The Daytonas

Swedish band, with California styled surf 'n drag sound, released on an Australian record label!  How's that for globalism, eh?   Bad news for the guy in the picture - he's just about to relieve the gal of her bikini top and reach the promised land, only to be pounded silly by the impending wave!   You know what they say... "never turn your back to the ocean!"   Beautiful cover painting on this LP - I wish they said who did this.  It sorta reminds me of Miles Thompson.   Lotsa fun music on here too, and blue vinyl.  The Daytonas do about half vocals and half instro.  To me the instros are the stronger part and in fact there's one on here called Sound Barrier that really floats my boat.


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