Cover Art Of The Month - June 2001

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Ramones Greatest Hits Live

I've been listening to this CD a lot in the last month or so after the hugely unfortunate passing of Joey Ramone.  There aren't enough superlatives to represent the greatness of the Ramones - they pretty much saved rock and roll at a time that the culture was headed down the path to musical crapitude.  This live disc is probably one of my favorites, just cuz of the supercharged energy.  The art here is from a video of theirs - character animation by Mike Bell and J.C. Wegman, and backgrounds by Ramone-ah Clarke.  The great thing about it is that it totally reminds me of highschool notebook doodle art.

Bonus pics!

ramone1.jpg (27129 bytes)  ramone1.jpg (27129 bytes)

ramone1.jpg (27129 bytes)  ramone1.jpg (27129 bytes)

ramone1.jpg (27129 bytes)


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