Cover Art Of The Month - March 2001

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Ralph Marterie and his Marlboro Men - Music For A Private Eye LP

Dig this moody noir cover.  When I bought this LP, there was a receipt still inside from the original purchase at a Sacramento record store in 1960.  The owner paid $3.47 for it, so I guess it wasn't all that great an investment in terms of return on the dollar.  But it's got all the elements of a fine package - cool lettering, sultry gals, and a swingin' Ralph Marterie in a Marlowe getup.  As the liner notes say, "All the evidence points to one thing in this album: GREAT LISTENING!"  Indeed, the music is worth noting too - Pete Rugolo contributes strong arrangements of undercover tunes like M Squad, The Thin Man, 77 Sunset Strip, and Peter Gunn.


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