Cover Art Of The Month - October 2000

cvr_3dinvis.jpg (58920 bytes)

The 3-D Invisibles - Vampires A-Go Go LP

Lowbrow master Glenn Barr did the art for this LP way back in 1988.  Barr has done everything from illustrated novels (the outstanding Brooklyn Dreams 4-parter with J.M. DeMatteis), to MAD magazine bits, record covers, advertising work, and more recently, some eye-popping "fine art" in the hot-rod / cool character / bad babe genre.  I think he's based in the Detroit area, as were the 3-D Invisibles, one of many musical vehicles for guitarslinging culturehound Rick Mills, also of the Volcanos.  The 3-Ds stay pretty close to their thematic base, with fun song titles like The Island Of Zombie Women, Mummy On The Loose, I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi, and Gorenography (thankfully not a reference to the politico with that name, who I suspect is already a member of the undead).


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