Cover Art Of The Month - June 2000

cvr_monocoop.jpg (79741 bytes)

Mono Men - Bent Pages LP

Great cover art by Coop for this old Mono Men LP from around 92 or 93.  Obviously borrowing from the classic Mars Attacks cards (the Tim Burton movie wasn't out yet), which were based on original drawings by EC comic master Wally Wood.  I'm actually a little tired of some of Coop's more recent stuff, but he's always had a fun style, and especially some cool references and humor in some of his older record covers, posters and stuff.  I think I read somewhere that Coop is colorblind!?!  Since this one is actually a gatefold sleeve, check out the wide-screen version below for the whole tamale.

cvr_monocoopwide.jpg (67729 bytes)


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