Record Of The Month - December 99

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Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos - The Rat Fink Collection CDs (One Way)

Ever since I finally got this double disc reissue collection, I've been a helpless Weirdos junkie.  One Way Records collected the old Capitol LPs from Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos all on these two cds, which cover Hot Rod Hootenanny, Rods n' Ratfinks, and Surfink!  They tossed in reproductions of the original LP covers (the above is just one of the three).  No extra info with the liners, but still the music and lyrics are a big laff riot.  You'd have to be utterly square not to dig songs like Eefen It Don't Go Chrome It (where the narrator drives his whole car in a chrome tub), or the lament Termites In My Woody, or The Cool Cool Rod (about a supercharged ice cream truck), or There's A Dog-Gone Ding In My Ding-Dong Board.   Pure genius throughout!


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