Record Of The Month - Feb 99

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Jungle Exotica CD/LP (Strip)

This CD gets a lotta spins around here - it's one of those collections that I just don't get sick of.  The music is not exotica at all in the sense of Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman.  As a note says on the back, "this is primitive, raw R&R!"  Tons of gems on here, like King Kong by Tarantula Ghoul & The Gravediggers, with the lyrics, "First blind date was a big hairy ape with sideburns to his knees, Couldn't rock, couldn't roll, but man how he could squeeze, Ooh oof ooh."  Lots of un-PC lyrics and wild grunts and growls, all on melodies that roll with styles from niteclub raunch to tropical bop and middle eastern romps.


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