Record Of The Month - July 2002

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VA - Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys

One of two great collections (possibly bootlegged?) of Gary Usher influenced California music, released a few years ago.  This collection is just amazing - 32 tracks of surf and hot rod songs from the early 60s featuring female vocals.  Many of these were originally released just as two sides of a 45, and are pretty much unknown other than that.  Names like Donna Loren, the Surf Bunnies, and Susan Lynne might be familiar from other collections, but there's a ton that I've never seen or heard anywhere else.  Surprisingly the Honeys don't show up here at all, but it wouldn't be too surprising if one or more of the acts on here was actually the Honeys under one of their many names.  I thought it was the Honeys doing the vocals on Hal Blaine's Dance To The Surfing Band, which is included here.  The Majorettes do a catchy ode to surfer guy couture in their song White Levis.  And in the very next track the Sea Shells offer a rousing tribute called Love Those Beach Boys, singing "rah rah rah, be true to the Beach Boys!"  Another song I can't get out of my head is the Delicates' Black & White Thunderbird, with a jumping beat and fun lyrics about cruising and picking up friends.  And if you haven't heard the Surf Bunny Beach by the Surf Bunnies, or Don't Drag No More by Susan Lynne, you've gotta - they're both great combinations of California surf sound with great girl vocals.  But then, so is the rest!


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