Record Of The Month - December 2001

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Mama Guitar - In Mama Guitar Style (Captain Trip)

What can I say?!  This cd is FABULOUS, and I can't stop listening to it.  Great Japanese trio of go-go rock-n-roll gals with good harmonies, great guitar work, with a garage stomp sound and lots of energy.  They capture the FUN of the authentic RnR sound - tight like the Neatbeats, rocking like the Pebbles, and maybe just a hint of the teenage CA sound (a la Brian Wilson) too!  I think they've been around since at least 1996 and toured Germany - now we've gotta get them to come to the U.S.!  Check out their band website; unfortunately I can't read diddley on their website, but there are some fun photos!   Lead singer and guitarist Jun has also done some other projects, like another Tokyo girl-vocal group called the Apricots, and also an appearance on a Japanese surf compilation "Takuroku Surf Party", which collects "home recordings" by a bunch of artists.   Ultraman-sized thanks to Naomi Chihuahuaplanet for having the extremely good taste to show me this one (and also the first Mama Guitar cd - "Introducing... Mama Guitar").


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