Record Of The Month - March 2001

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Tipsy - Trip Tease CD

I really listen to very little from the trip or trance genre or whatever it's called, but this disc just keeps coming back to the old player in the last few weeks.  Tipsy is a combo out of San Francisco that uses samples and loops from various loungey, exotica, and easy listening tracks as the primary soundbed for some real neat music.  All instrumental and often clearly tongue-in-cheek, the samples are used tastefully in combination with some obvious additional instrumentation.  Mr. Excitement, Tuatara, Liquordelic, and Something Tropical are among the most direct references to Martin Denny / Yma Sumac style exotica.   Tunes like Space Golf and Nude On The Moon take their cue straight out of the "Sounds In Space" type stereo demonstration records that used to populate record bins.  Grossenhosen sounds like a quirky number you might hear led by the organ of Klaus Wunderlich.  El Bombo Atomico shuffles along with a Caribbean calypso guitar sound punctuated by sax honks every few measures or so.  Cinnabar is one of my big favorites - very bassy with a super relaxed Hawaiian style slide guitar accent over a skittering shaker.  Maybe too digital for the lounge purist and too loungey for the trip-hopper, but I think it's lotsa fun.


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