volcncd2.gif (18419 bytes) Volcanos – Finish Line Fever LP/CD (Estrus – www.estrus.com)

Finish Line Fever, Doheny Dawn, San Andreas Fault, Brand New Board, Avalanche, Maverick, Pit Stop, Riverside Run, Custom Cruiser, Wave Beat, Kilauea, War Drums, Pompeii, Theme From Action

The Volcanos have a sound that's unique and instantly recognizable - while they incorporate a lot of surfy elements, their music actually reminds me more of hot rod instros. Maybe it's because they come from Michigan, or maybe it's because a couple of the tunes on this album have dragstrip soundbites. San Andreas Fault, Avalanche, and Riverside Run actually sound pretty surfy, but a lot of the rest conjure up the excitement of pistons and pavement. All originals on this platter (a few previously released on 45s), with expert playing - I also especially dig the bridges they write for transitions within songs.