vascrcd1.jpg (11165 bytes) VA - The Surf Creature CD (Romulan)

Unknown Group - The Fifth Dimension, Velaires - Brazil, Jim Doval & The Gauchos - Pink Elephants, Clashmen - Boondocker, Jesters - Arab, Zorba & The Greeks - Shockwave, Silvertones - Bathsheba, Manuel & The Renegades - Woody Wagon, Centuries - Outer Limits, Aki Aleong & The Nobles - Body Surf, Truants - Sunset Surf, Intrepides - Golash, Danny Steel - Chinese Twist, Starfires - Space Needle, Dave Myers & The Surftones - Gear, Nevegans - Russian Roulette, Starfires - Hand Full Of Blood, Majestics - Big Noise From Makaha, Graig Cahill & The Off Beats - Surfin' Elephant, Varitones - Repeto, Aki Aleong & The Nobles - Earthquake, Mysterions - Jerico Rock, Mickey Aversa - Blast Off, Five More - Avalanche, Fender IV - Everybody Up

You know, there's nothing wrong with the old surf classics like Baja and Mr. Moto, but sometimes it seems like every new compilation of 60s surf has the same old tunes. Not so for this cd! Actually, The Surf Creature isn't really new, it's just a condensed version from the whole series of Surf Creature collection LPs that Romulan started releasing a few years ago. Dig the contents though! Practically everything on this disc is da kine surf music from the 60s, and almost totally unavailable elsewhere unless you're an ardent and resourceful collector of old 45s. A few of these tunes may be recognizable to the modern surf fan, since cover versions from savvy current surf bands show up now and then - especially tunes like Shockwave, Golash, Blast Off, and Russian Roulette, classics all. But these are the originals, man, and they're mostly pretty good recordings too. There are lesser-known numbers from Dave Myers & The Surftones (Gear - incredible guitar tone!), the Jesters (A-rab), and the Fender IV (Everybody Up). 25 tunes on here, all with running commentary in the liner notes, and all well-worth the admission. This is the stuff! Romulan distributors include Dionysus and Get Hip.