trbmkcd1.jpg (8303 bytes) Treblemakers - Flippin' The Bird CD (, Gee Dee -

It Came From Uranus, High Voltage, The Man With Mandibles, Titanic, It's In The Bag Dad, Fast Faoud, Dark Eyes, Margaya, Annihulation, Yang-Bu, The Grudge, A-Rab, Impact Zone, Fist-Fight, Treble Stomp, The Hearse

Sometimes you hear talk about "popping reverb", and if you wanna know what that means, listen to this cd! Definitely plenty of treble a-brewin' here on the first album from this Montreal-based combo. Machine gun style super-reverbed rhythm guitar on a bunch of their originals like Titanic and Impact Zone, and on covers too, like one of the most aggro versions of The Hearse I've ever heard. It's In The Bag Dad reminds me of Dick Dale's version of Miserlou on a live record from the 80s, meaning that it captures the same exotic mideast flavor that double D gets in many of his instros, and also that lead guitarist Zak Izbinsky has some pretty fast fingers. And along with the choice cover tunes, there's some very memorable original melodies on here - Annihulation stands out as one of my favorites. But this is a great disc all the way through.