torqycd1.jpg (9188 bytes) Torquays – A Date With The Torquays CD

Journey To The Stars, Latinia, Hopscotch, Twilight At Trestles, Penetration, Jack The Ripper, Bumble Bee Twist, Ghost Riders, Tide Pool Q, Yellowjacket, Dead Sea Stroll, Wonderful Land, Shake ‘N Stomp, Twitchin’, El Sleazo Chorizo, Nervous Tic, Peace Pipe

As John Blair says in the liner notes, the Torquays have a nice trad surf sound on this cover-laden album. Big twang and galloping rhythm guitar on Ghost Riders, authentic Shadows-y treatment of Wonderful Land and Peace Pipe, and clean south of the border surf sound on Latinia and Twilight At Trestles. And catchy melodies on originals like Tide Pool Q and Twitchin’, both done in the "first-wave" surf flavor. Fun, energetic, and well-played.