swcrpcd1.jpg (11183 bytes) VA - Swingin' Creepers! CD (Musick e-mail: musick@comcat.com)

Space Cossacks - Journey To The Stars, Fathoms - Walk Don't Run, Eddie Angel & The Omega Men - Stop Action, Quiets - Hot Line, Volcanos - Ravin' Blue, Exotics - Lonely Girl, Penetrators - Mariner 4, Hypnomen - Go-Go Slow, Cave 4 - Fuzzy & Wild, Boss Martians - Guitar Freakout, Jon & The Nightriders - Diamond Head, Sir Finks - War Of The Satellites, Bomboras - Ninth Wave, Fortune & Maltese - The Twomp, Davie Allan & The Arrows - Lullaby Of The Leaves, Saturn V - Yellow Jacket, Tiki Tones - Swingin' Creeper, Looney Tunes - A Go-Go Dancer, Mystery Action - Bird Rockers, Vice Royals - Eleventh Hour, Satan's Pilgrims - Escape/Psychedelic Venture, Huntington Cads - Sha La La, Moon Child - Ivan Pongracic featuring Ed Abolins and Eric Ebeling

Musick has done it again on a release that's both a great concept and great execution. This one's a tribute to the Ventures, with 23 tracks from as many musical lineups, and it excels in everything from the artwork, to the featured bands, to the choice of cover tunes, to the liner notes. The bottom-line here on this review is: GET IT. Only a few of these tracks have been released elsewhere, and the variety of styles makes for great straight-thru listening. There are straight-up, "authentic" treatments done with a Ventures sound; big reverb surf styles, loungey sounds, and of course considerable helpings of fuzz. The Looney Tunes version of A Go-Go Dancer (aka Creepers, depending on where you look) is about the most supercharged treatment of any Ventures tune around. Also a cover of The Twomp, and from stompin' kings Fortune & Maltese no less! Plus great work as always from stalwarts like the Space Cossacks, Fathoms, Bomboras, and Satan's Pilgrims. Wild Action!