srftrcd4.jpg (9429 bytes) Surf Trio - Forbidden Sounds LP/CD (LP on Blood Red -, CD on Dionysus -

Hey Man Cut The Comedy, Salt Bath, Vibrosurf, Bring Me The Head Of Geraldo Rivera, Agent Invisible Goes West, Clatskanie, Little Death Coupe, Party In My Dorm, Forbidden Fruit, Perfidia, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. French, Foglifter, Sharkskin Board, Surfin' With The Mountain King, Surfwalk, Water Witch, Bandolero!, To Surf With Love, Calico Cat, Tra-La-La (plus one more vocal)

Oregon's Surf Trio have always made a fun practice of mixing Ramones-style beach punk with great surf instros. Their vocal song Surfin' Cat from the Almost Summer LP released back in 86 is a big longtime favorite for me - both for the lyrics and the super surfy guitar part. Forbidden Sounds is another great installment from them, continuing (still as a 4-man band, BTW) the tradition of mixing instro styles and also tossing in three punky vocal numbers. Bandolero! has an upbeat spanish surfy melody and even includes a Miserlou-style horn solo. Bright, sharp reverby sound on Salt Bath, Agent Invisible Goes West, and Sharkskin Board; then two different guitar styles together on Forbidden Fruit - surfy melody line with a more punk / metal rhythm. Also a few nice covers on here, like Perfidia, Surfin' With The Mountain King, and Surfwalk, and you just can't beat their version of the Banana Splits song (Tra-La-La) for pure fun!