srftncd1.jpg (9613 bytes) Surf Teens - Surfin' Mania LP/CD (Bacchus Archives / Dionysus -

Moonshine, Kalaini Wipe Out, Bullwinkle, Sunset Beach, Longboard Surf, Moment Of Truth, Luau, Kalaini Wipe Out, Surfin' Tragedy, Steel Pier, Delano Surf Beat, Continental Surf, Chicago Surf, Bullwinkle, Intoxica, Church Key / Panic Button

The original Sutton records cheapo release of this LP has always been a prized item if you can find it, but this reissue is much better. Even though most of the tracks here are mastered off of vinyl, they sound great (and probably better than most existing vinyl copies). The Surf Teens were just that - a teenage band from the California central coast, focusing strictly on surfy instrumentals. Not only does this reissue include everything from the original LP, but also a few tracks from 45s and unreleased reels. Most of the songs on here are covers, getting the very treble-some Surf Teens treatment that makes for a real unique take on these tunes. In fact, Deke Dickerson says in the liner notes, "several of their covers I prefer to the originals (including 'Moment Of Truth,' in my opinion THE version..)."