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Man Or Astroman? - Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Detected, The Bomboras - Planet Of The Apehangers, Satan's Pilgrims - Harem Nocturne, Original Surfaris - Bombora, Huevos Rancheros - Beach Blanket Blackout, Dave Myers & The Surftones - Church Key, Centurions - Bullwinkle Pt. II, Cocktail Preachers - Albatross Joe, Sentinals - Exotic, Barbacoa - Northern Spy, Tiki Tones - The Island Of Lost Soul, Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth, Dynotones - Devil's Martini, Space Cossacks - Apes Of Wrath, Impacts - Wipe Out, Sub-Mersians - Dr. Yes, Lively Ones - Miserlou, Sentinals - Big Surf, Powerjive - Surf Session At Sunset, Lively Ones - Surf Rider

Del-Fi is one of the few record labels to bridge both the original era of surf music and the current resurgence, so they're in a unique position to put together a collection of "Past, Present & Future Surf Klassics." That's just what Surf Monsters does, and it comes off well - 11 new tracks from current surf and instro bands coupled with 9 selections from the Del-Fi vaults outta the 60's. On first listen I dug how the disc goes straight from a hi-octane workout from the Bomboras, to a big tough midnight surf number from Satan's Pilgrims, and then to the Original Surfaris with Bombora, one of the all-time great surf instros. A bunch of the new tunes invade territories outside the realm of traditional surf music - some quite successfully. Man Or Astroman? do their schtick, incorporating all kinds of alien sounds and effects over a semi-surfy melody. The Island Of Lost Soul from the Tiki Tones reminds me of some of the novelty jungle instros from the 60's, only done from the perspective of the 90's suave-set loungeheads. Great cover art from the ubiquitous Shag.