Surf Coasters – Surfside Village CD

Reverb 1000, Tsunami Struck, Rampage, Code Name S67, Sea Knows, Jaws Theme, Test Driver, Dreams, Vamos Por Ahi, Boogie Man, Chasing Shadows, Death Rage 2000, Penetration, Tornado, Let’s Go Trippin’ (live), Scratch (live), (plus more live tracks following)

Man oh man – all I can say is that I wish I knew how to get my mitts on more releases by these Japanese instro heros! Very energetic surfy sound with big bass and some of the biggest reverb around. First of all, Sea Knows is way at the top of my list of favorite surf tunes. Not always trad surf, but always fun and powerful. Revved up and frenzied on tunes like Tsunami Struck and Test Driver, with a little south of the border sound on Vamos Por Ahi, spy sound on Code Name S67, and other influences too. Live tracks at the end are a nice bonus, with a live version of their Intruder single.