sqarscd1.jpg (7336 bytes) Squares - Teenage Surf Madness! CD (www.surf.to/thesquares)

Intro, Kill Devil Kill, Teenage Surf Madness, Sunset Run, Kamikaze, Squaranoid, Gearhead, Gone Fishin', Landlocked, Ahhh!!!, Square Summer, Aquarock, I Wanna Go Surfin' In Your Shorts, Detention, Anticipation, Schools Out, Hot Rod Hearse

Hey everybody, let's all get cubical! Surprisingly aggro instro album from this teenaged combo. Don't expect the heavy reverb, trad surf sound though. The rhythm guitar is mostly the jangly kind, and one or two tracks are even borderline metal, like on the guitar solo on their Ozzy cover Squaranoid. In fact, the drummer sounds like he could easily keep up with a speed metal band, because he's got that same explosive rapid fire style. Bassist "Rocky Radiation" recently did touring duties with the Woggles around the U.S. The Squares wrote all songs but one on here, with some melodies admittedly stronger than others, but there's some real catchy ones like Gone Fishin' and Aquarock. Some tracks remind me of Michigan's Goldentones, especially Kamikaze, which starts slow and subdued, and then blasts into hyperdrive with a big reverb crash finish. And actually tracks like I Wanna Go Surfin' In Your Shorts fit pretty well into the surfy music mold - real solid melody and rhythm.