smsrfcd1.jpg (10754 bytes) VA - Smells Like Surf Spirit CD (Gee Dee –

Bambi Molesters - Point Break, Wanganui; Husky & The Sandmen - Moonwaves, Unreachable; Slackmates - Saturation; Los Mel-Tones - Kung Fu Saturdays, Beyond The Stars; Susan & The Surftones - Baja, Walk Don't Run/Jezebel (live), Looney Tunes - Banzai Washout (live), Boss Martians - The Mashed Potato Martian; Penetrators - Lamento A Go-Go; I Cosmonauti - Sea Storm, (Death Of A) Matador; Surf Raiders - Suicide Point, Surf Raider; Swyng Jacks - Killer Hot Dog; Corky Carroll - Burning Sands; Chantays - Dances With Waves; Impacts - Pismo Nights

14 bands and 20 songs collected here by Gee Dee records and Sebastian Hartmann of the Looney Tunes and the Point Break 'zine. Some of these tunes have been released elsewhere, but many are from hard to find singles or unreleased live recordings. I'm especially partial to Croatia's Bambi Molesters, Husky & The Sandmen from Finland, the Looney Tunes, and the Surf Raiders, but this is a great compilation all the way through (with the possible exception of the Corky Carroll and Chantays tracks, which I usually skip when I'm listening to this). The Bambi Molesters have a trad surf sound with a lot of energy and great melody writing; their two tunes on this compilation are also on their first cd, but this sounds like a different version of Wanganui to me. The tracks from Husky &TS and I Cosmonauti all come from singles released in their native countries of Finland and Italy respectively, and it's great to have 'em together in one place here. If you've wondered about any of these bands, this is a great way to check em out; plenty of informative liner notes too.