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Badge Of Honor, Theme From The Arturan, Fra Diavolo, Tears & Gears, Step It Up, Casbah, All Day Party, Mutha Fuzz, Frankenstomp, Super Stock, Black Marquis, Chi Chi, Jungle Room, Hungarian Dance No. 5, Beach Bingo

Now a foursome instead of five, Satan's Pilgrims still can really deliver the goods when it comes to strong surf instros, which they accomplish in fine style once again on this entire album. And they're continuing to dabble in some other styles too, like a Ventures twist party sound on Step It Up, or a big rave-up with horns on Mutha Fuzz. Surfwise, there's the  uptempo starting number Badge Of Honor, the lurching terror of Frankenstomp, the big popping reverb of Super Stock, the slower south-of-the-border roadtrip melody of Chi Chi, and the 60's teen beach ballad sound of Beach Bingo. All are played well and listening is a lotta fun - hope they continue to be as prolific as they have been lately!