sandbcd2.jpg (8589 bytes) Sandblasters – Cactus Stingray CD (, Wildebeest –

Quick Sand, Cactus Stingray, Flight P-51, Hungarian Hunch Dance, Submersionary, Big Sky, Brutal Surfers, Bonesaw, The Duel, Snake Shake, Board Breaker, Toothless Cannibal, El Cucumbre, Raygun Smasher, Estrellas

Austin-based trio with a sound that reminds me a little bit of Huevos Rancheros or the Galaxy Trio. All original tunes on this disc, that don't necessarily stick to just trad surf melodies or song structures. Energetic drums and a strong, greasy guitar sound without being lo-fi. Surfy sound on Flight P-51, Brutal Surfers, and Toothless Cannibal. Other styles include slow menacing instros like Bonesaw and The Duel, the cattle driving sound of Big Sky, and even a lone acoustic guitar desert-campfire number at the end.