Aqualads - Hotbox

Apemen - Surfvival of de Onbeschofste

Bambi Molesters - Dumb Loud Hollow Twang

Bambi Molesters - Intensity!

Baronics - Get Bach!

Big Ray & The Futuras - Live On The Airwaves

Bomboras - Head Shrinkin’ Fun

Bone Sharks - Pray For Surf

Boss Martians - The Jetaway Sounds Of The Boss Martians

Bradipos IV - Instro Mania!!

Brainwashers - Be Careful With That Surfboard

Cave 4 in Bikini Crash!

Cecilia et Les Ennuis - Avec Les Garcons

Chaino - Africana & Beyond

Chantays - Re-plugged

Chimps - Live At The Safari Club!

Cosmonauti - Just Surf

Deadbolt - Zulu Death Mask

Dead Man’s Curve - World Catastrophe Generator

Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks in Blower Explosion

Dynotones - S/T

Eddie And The Showmen - Squad Car

El Caminos - Reverb Explosion!

El Vez - Fun In Espanol

Fathoms - Overboard

Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers - Konquer Kampus

Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings - Exotic and Rockin' Instrumentals, 63-64

Get Wet

Hillbilly Hellcats - Rev It Up With Taz

Huntington Cads - Go Exotic!!

Huntington Cads - Introduce The New Sound

Husky & The Sandmen - Arabian Nights

Hypnotic 4 - Hypnotica!

Imperials - Not For Sale

"I Told You Not To Cry"

Knights - Surfin' The Web

Krontjong Devils - On Tour!!!

Lively Ones - Hang Five!!!

Lively Ones - Heads Up! Best Vol. 2

Looney Tunes - Beyond The Dune

Los Mel-tones - Surf Before Sunrise

Los Straitjackets - The Velvet Touch Of Los Straitjackets

Mama Guitar - In Mama Guitar Style

Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos - Rat Fink Collection

Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth

Neatbeats - Far And Near

Penetrators - Hit The Jet Stream With

Polaris - S/T

Pollo Del Mar - The Ocean Is Not For Cowards

Elvis Presley - Command Performances

Sandblasters - Cactus Stingray

Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature

Satan's Pilgrims - S/T

Saturn V featuring Orbit - After Work Sessions

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - S/T

Sndtrk - In Like Flint & Our Man Flint

Southern Culture On The Skids - Santo Swings

Space Cossacks - Interstellar Stomp

Splashback - Mrs. Moto

Sprague Brothers - Let The Chicks Fall Where They May

Squares - Teenage Surf Madness!

Sub-Mersians - Raw Love Songs From My Garage.. & Save The Cave Train

Surf Coasters - Surfside Village

Surf Teens - Surfin' Mania

Surf Trio - Forbidden Sounds

Tipsy - Trip Tease

Torquays - A Date With The Torquays

Treblemakers - Flippin' The Bird

Untamed Youth - Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down 7"

VA - An Evening In Nivram, The Music Of The Shadows

VA - Del-Fi Beach Party, Pool Party, Jungle Jive

VA - Instro Mania! Vol. 2

VA - Jungle Exotica

VA - Jungle Jive

VA - Seasonal Favorites

VA - Smells Like Surf Spirit

VA - Sons Of Yma

VA - Spaghetti II, "Revenge"

VA - The Surf Creature

VA - Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys

VA - Surfin' Around the World Vol 2

VA - Surfin' Senorita

VA - Surf Monsters

VA - Swingin' Creepers!

Volcanos - Finish Line Fever

Witchdoctors a Go-Go

Woodies - Swimmin' In The Reverb


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