polrscd1.jpg (6629 bytes) Polaris – S/T CD (Iglu - www.aracnet.net/~iglu/index.html)

Hypnovista, Spaciba Da Svidania, Euro Star, Scene King, Strontium 90, Danger Girl, Doctor Electro, Brylcreem Pillow, Hibachi, Sequence Voiture, Strange Mary Jane, Big Boss A Go-Go, Crime Wave, Underwater Morphine, Polaris Shake, N’Ecoute Pas Les Idoles, Psychotic Rocket, Pinball Loser

These Canucks continue the fine tradition of energetic, surf-inspired instro combos from the great white north. Polaris delivers a bunch of different styles like the twangy lead git on Scene King, or groovy cop show riffs on Doctor Electro blending in with cleaner surfy guitar, or organ-led melody on the reverby N’ecoute Pas. Hip packaging too, in a cardboard foldout sleeve.