Penetrators – Hit The Jet Stream With EP (, Double Crown –

High Tide, Triple Dog Dare, Speed Bump, Crash

Unprecedented release of the dossier from a Penetrators mission, declassified for public consumption. The Penetrators are based at the Southern Surf Syndicate’s global HQ in Alabama. This release includes not only the musical soundtrack for the mission, but also a glimpse of the briefing given the agents during their flight (with some lines referencing inflight scenes in Dr. Strangelove). The music includes a cover of one of my favorite Lively Ones tunes in High Tide, along with Crash, originally by the Creations I think. The originals are well-done, and I especially dig Triple Dog Dare. Fun package and concept, with great traditional surf that actually doesn’t involve a spy theme in the music as much as in the story line and cover photos.