lsmelcd2.jpg (7588 bytes) Los Mel-tones – Surf Before Sunrise CD (

Surf Before Sunrise, Return Of The Surfin’ Headhunters, Custom Cruiser, Fault Line, Vista Del Mar, In Praise Of The Lime, Special Assignment, Air Time II, The Perfect Wave, Sands Go Vermilion, Infrared, Polynesian Adventure, Sunday Drive, Breakers At Hanalei, Carvin’ The Drift, Villa Of Mysteries, The Last Papaya

Second album from the Canadian Mel-tones (lead guitarist Mel Waldorf has since moved to the land of opportunity to reside in the San Francisco bay area), with an impressive lineup of all original tunes. The opening title song sets the mood with fast staccato guitar and an organ melody that reminds me of the old Avengers VI tune Time Bomb. Later, they go from slow tropical beach numbers like Sands Go Vermilion and Polynesian Adventure (my favorite), to spy melodies like Special Assignment, and other sounds too. The drums sound a little bit thin, but that doesn’t take away from the strong playing and listenable melodies on this here silver disc.