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Pipeline, Surfin' USA, Let's Go Trippin', Heads Up, Tequila, Hot Pastrami, Soul Surfer, Malibu Run, Rumble, Wipe Out, Surfin' Safari, Tuff Surf, Surfer Boogie, Stoked, Guitar Man, Surf City, Mexico, Latin'ia, Wild Weekend, Sleep Walk, 40 Miles Of Bad Road, Torquay, Shut Down

Volume 2 of Del-Fi's remastered Lively Ones collections gives a thorough complement to the material from the first disc. The 23 songs on here are all covers, and often rearranged or powered up to a more frenetic energy level than their respective originals. The opening staccato barrage of Pipeline sets the tone for the Lively Ones treatments that come out through the rest of the disc. The title track is actually a reworking of Scratch - a practice carried out on a bunch of tunes on here. Informative liner notes again, and cover graphics that could easily have graced one of their numerous original Del-Fi LPs from the 60's.