livlycd5.jpg (12796 bytes) Lively Ones - Hang Five!!! CD (Del-Fi -

High Tide, Walkin' The Board, Goofy Foot, Surf Rider, Misirlou, Chicken Scratch, Surf Beat, Exodus, The Caterpillar Crawl, Telstar, Mr. Moto, Crying Guitar, Livin', Guitarget, Crazy Surf, Paradise Cove, Bustin' Surfboards, Rawhide, Shootin' The Pier, Forty Miles Bad Surf, Rik-A-Tik, Happy Gremmie, Night & Day, Hey Scrounge

Wowser, this is a great collection of some of the cream of the Lively Ones' crop. For the uninitiated, the Lively Ones were hands-down one of the top acts from the geographical and chronological birthplace of surf music - LA in the early 60s. Their Del-Fi longplayers stand as surf music milestones. Of course the Lively Ones didn't shy away from covering tunes composed by other bands, but they also had a heap of original tunes and a unique ability to run just about any instro through their own filter and come out with a scorchin' surf tune. High Tide (aka Tranquilizer) was penned by lead guitarist Jim Masoner, and is easily one of my top favorites of all time. Their version of the theme from Exodus has been copied by other bands because it's a melody that translates perfectly to the surf music genre, and because their arrangement works so well. This reissue CD has 24 tracks, including both sides of their post-Del-Fi single (Night & Day and Hey Scrounge), which would be pretty hard to find elsewhere. Also great liner notes from California music guru Domenic Priore.