krontlp2.jpg (7077 bytes) Krontjong Devils – On Tour!!! LP/CD (Telstar)

Gotcha, Sea-N-Shore, Live Like A King, Harem Bells, Reverberovska, Last Wave Of The Day, Morpheous, Skateboard U.S.A., Nautilus, Exotic, White Water, Don’t Look Now, Biscaya (Ghost Wave), Potato Chips, Apres Ski, Surfer Joe

These Dutch demons fit in the Phantom Surfers school of short, tough, garagey, reverb-on-11 surf music, with a mix of mostly lesser-known covers and a couple originals. 16 tracks of heavy three-guitar surf sounds on here, including five vocal romps sprinkled in with the rest of the instros. Reverberovska and Apres Ski are the originals, both with frenetically paced surfy melodies, but there's a lotta cool covers too, like Gotcha (originally by the Tradewinds?), Harem Bells (credited to Korla Pandit, the be-turbaned exotic organist), and Morpheous by the Toads. Occasional organ on a couple tunes too, but it fits right in with the surfy, lo-fi sound that pervades.