Husky & The Sandmen – Arabian Nights CD (GAS)

Arabian Nights, Stargate, Four Stroke Stomp, Malibu Run, Sands Of Renondo, Suki Yaki Stomp, Surfin’ Mosquito, Cross Ties, Tube Surfer, Batcave, Big Cyclone, Hot Line, Contact Breaker, Lonely Wave

Fine Finnish favorites! I’ll always remember getting stuck in a blizzard while listening to this album on the drive home from a Bomboras show in Boulder. This was the perfect soundtrack for a long battle against the elements. Some choice covers like Link Wray’s Cross Ties, and some utterly outstanding originals. Husky & the Sandmen have a guitar sound similar to other bands from Finland – not sure how to define it, it’s definitely unique and there’s definitely plenty of reverb, along with occasional organ. Sands Of Renondo, Surfin’ Mosquito, and Lonely Wave are right up there for me among my favorite surf tunes ever.