hcadscd2.jpg (7467 bytes) Huntington Cads – Introduce The New Sound LP/CD (Mai Tai)

Besame Mucho, Never To Return, Outer Orbit, Goodnight Suzanne, Always Anna, Blue Sounds, Theme From The Maneater, New Dimension, New Sound Samba, Lovely Nobuko, Lovers Lane, Sweethearts Theme, Super Kay, Shanghaid

Lots of different moods here on their second album – all the tunes have a certain kind of casual dexterity that makes them laid back even when they’re fastpaced like Never To Return. Reverby instro album that somehow doesn’t really fit the mold of traditional surf music, partly because of unique rhythms and melodies, but also because of the clean sound that’s sometimes similar to the European instro music from the 60s. Styles like a Telstar sounding melody on Outer Orbit, a stalking walking sound on Theme From The Maneater, echoed-out lead parts on New Dimension, and even a Brazilian rhythm on New Sound Samba.