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Bombora, Surfin' The Classics Pt. 2, Apache, Surfin' The Classics Pt. 1, Body Surfin', Telstar, White Sands, Walk Don't Run 2000, The Cruel Sea, Sandblaster, Walk The Nose, Reverbia

From Redondo Beach, "Get Wet offers 21st century surf sounds! Neo-classic rock mixed with traditional reverb-drenched classic surf tones…" Pretty good description of a cd that unfortunately didn't light my fire - it's the neo-classic rock element that doesn't work for me. There's definitely enthusiasm in the lead guitar, but the production style, arrangements, and some of the more "modern" instruments used as accents sounded a little incongruous for surf music. On this disc, I'd say the more traditional numbers work best of any - Bombora, Body Surfin', and Walk The Nose.