fathmcd2.jpg (6154 bytes) Fathoms – Overboard CD (Musick e-mail: musick@comcat.com)

Race Against Time, Fathomized, Overboard, Tracking Bigfoot, El Toro, Hippo Hump, The Hearse, Shark Waves, The Haunted Shore, Flaming Arrow, Cruisin’ The Zone, Cahoon Hollow Hideaway, Turquoise Blue (And Primer Gray), Git My Goat

Hubba hubba, the Fathoms have got it dialed! This is their second cd, and they’ve done another outstanding effort here. First off, Cahoon Hollow Hideaway is now one of my favorite surf tunes of all time – whatta riff! Heavy reverb on both lead and rhythm gits, and a lotta great original melodies. I dig every tune and the variety of musical themes. Big matador sound on El Toro – clean production without making it tame. Hippo Hump sounds a lot like Al Casey to me. Also, supercool package artwork from Stephen Blickenstaff and Shag.