elcamcd1.jpg (13346 bytes) El Caminos – Reverb Explosion! CD (Del-Fi – www.del-fi.com)

Exotic, Sumo Wrestler, Big Surf, Hornet’s Nest, Pachuko Soul, Exodus, Reverb Explosion Pt. 1, The Wedge, Rolling Sushi, Shock Wave ’95, T.J. Slough, Death Race, Quite A Surf Party, Gerugugu, How!

Thanks to Del-Fi for releasing this CD here in the U.S., so we don’t have to pay 35 bucks to hear how great the El Caminos are. They’re a Japanese surf combo led by guitarman Eddie Ugata, who is a big fan of the old Del-Fi stuff from the 60s by bands like the Lively Ones and Sentinals. This CD collects tracks from a couple of their previous albums released in Japan. Nice covers of a few Del-Fi favorites, along with some originals, all with deep reverb and turbopowered rhythm section. T.J. Slough has some bizarre chipmunk ya-yas throughout, but that’s pretty much the only weirdo tune. I especially like the surfy version of Pachuko Soul, and also Gerugugu and the over-the-top Reverb Explosion.