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VA - Del-Fi Beach Party, Pool Party, Jungle Jive CDs (Del-Fi - www.del-fi.com)

These 3 compilations are lumped together for review here because they're not too heavy on the surf music content, but they're still a lotta fun. Following up on the kind of material gathered on Del-Fi's Lost Treasures collection from 1995, these 3 discs dish up a big banquet of gems from the deep Del-Fi archives from the 60s. Styles range from instrumental beach bongo romps, to goofball teen ditties, to stompin' college party sounds, to exotic tropical sounds, to even a moptop parody (on Pool Party)! Each disc includes some previously unreleased numbers, along with fun liner notes and pulse-pounding pics of the lovely Kari Wuhrer, Del-Fi's modern take on Sandy Warner (the exotica gal on all the Martin Denny records). We get to hear tunes from Del-Fi founder Bob Keene and his Orchestra, doing hip takes on songs like La Bamba and an original called Twist & Freeze. Preston Epps shows up on all 3 discs with his trademark bongo drums. There's a few surfy numbers on these collections, like Aquavelva from Dave Myers and Church Key from the Gonzos, both on Beach Party, and the Jerry Cole sounding tune called Terror by the Grippers on Jungle Jive. What makes all three of these discs fun is that they were put together not just as some miscellaneous heap of songs "from the vaults", but in fact they're assembled with an ear for the 3 different themes (beach, pool, jungle), and the aim of making for good listening - start to finish. For your instant party music needs, just grab one of these, push play, and start to watusi!