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Frog Walk Pt. II, Church Key, Smokey Stomper, King's Surf, Aquavelva, Surferama, Moment Of Truth, Road To Rincon, Surf Breaker, Surfer's Theme, Passion, Wet Walkin', Driftin', White Water

Kings of the Laguna Beach surf scene in the early 60s, Dave Myers & The Surftones not only knew how to get some of the most gorgeous surf guitar tone around, but also had the rocks to make some real creative variations on the California surf sound. They had a couple singles here and there, and also performed under some other names later on, but the pinnacle of their sound was captured on the full-length Hangin' Twenty LP originally released by Del-Fi in 1963. This LP is reproduced along with a couple separate compilation tracks here on this digitally remastered disc from Del-Fi. Great trad surfy styles in Church Key and Road To Rincon, along with one of the most haunting recorded versions of Moment Of Truth around. Aquavelva is completely unique - take a tune out of an old ghost movie, then run it through a surf music filter and blend in a muted quick-step rhythm, and you've got a typical example of what made the Surftones sound different. Surfer's Theme and Passion have the slow, apres-surf gladiatorial sound. Wet Walkin' would fit right in to the east L.A. pachuco soul school of instrumental rock, with the big horn-led melody parts. Great album, with fabulous bonuses like the two non-LP tracks at the end, and the witty and informative liner notes from Johnny Bartlett.