delnocd1.jpg (7337 bytes) Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks in Blower Explosion CD (Skunk –

Blower Explosion, Del Noah, The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow, Chicken, Danger Island, Sasquatch On A Snowmobile, Theme From "The Big Payroll Caper", Mormon Cycle Poker Run, Bajavishnu 500, Spinout, Re-Satch-A-Go-Go, The Lively Set, Mafia Staff Woody, Amish Drag Buggy, The Man With The Golden Shifter, Hole Shot, The Enchanted Dragstrip

After some lineup changes, it’s nice to see that Del Noah & TMAF are still around and releasing a fun album like this, their first cd (they had a 7" a few years ago on Dionysus). Now, most of the tunes here don’t really fit the instro surf category – the only ones that might are Blower Explosion, Danger Island, Bajavishnu 500 (no relation to Baja), Mafia Staff Woody, Hole Shot, and maybe Golden Shifter (crime jazz typa melody). But this is a great album, with an obvious sense of humor in both the vocals and instros, and these guys clearly know their So-Cal car culture. Solid music, with a honking sax on top. As a fan of the Elvis silver screen romps, I flipped over their version of Spinout. Also, the last tune is a Martin-Denny-at-the-strip exotica number with drag race sound bites. Whattalotta fun!