dedmncd2.jpg (5023 bytes) Dead Man’s Curve – World Catastrophe Generator CD (

Lada Riva Special Edition, Watergate Wipeout, Sauza Gold, Charlie’s Point, Agent Orange, Hawaii 5-O, Muscle Is The Powerhouse Of The Body, Night Of The Vampire, Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, Rumble, Blacktop Blackout, Hawaii 5-O (Reprise)

Dead men tell no tales? I think not!! Well, they don’t sing, but they definitely tell a tale here on this cd, as England’s team Deadman weaves a story of international intrigue in with an album of surfy, often-futuristic instro music. The Deadman spy saga narrative is given in interludes between each song. Agent Orange is a typical fun tune – starts with a kooky intro, and then breaks into a catchy spy riff doubled on guitar and organ. Some of the tunes are pretty divergent from the surf music sound, but it’s all part of a pretty innovative sound and package.