csmticd1.jpg (9164 bytes) Cosmonauti - Just Surf CD (Om Om Music email: sound01@mail.cs.interbusiness.it)

First Kiss, Mexico Beach, 7th Level, Secret Agent Man, Blue Surf, Driver, Green Bay, Maserati, (Death Of A) Matador, Exotica Fever, Bad Moon, Sea Storm, Locals Only

Cosmonauti (aka I Cosmonauti on previous 7" releases) are an Italian surf foursome who received lots of good marks on their first U.S. tour in early 99. They've got the requisite Fender gear, and having played together in Italy and around Europe since 94, they've got their "chops" down pretty well too. Some of the tunes on this disc sound a little light compared to what they've shown they can do on past singles, but there's also some real high points. Driver sounds sorta like one of the old Astronauts tunes, with the percolating rhythm guitar underneath a hot rod style melody. My other favorites on here are the ones with the same harder sound, like Green Bay, Exotica Fever, and Locals Only, along with the couple tracks from earlier singles - (Death Of A) Matador and Sea Storm.