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Third Star To The Left, Red Sunrise, Solaris Stomp, Neutron Sabre, Black Sand, The Cossack, The Spy Satellite, Planet Of The Apes, Gunmetal Express, Transatlantic Orbit, Morroccan Adventures, Mir Rescue, Bombora, The Space Victory Theme, Navajo Star

Turbo-boosted mix of choice covers and originals! They do some musical hat-tipping to the Atlantics and Shadows with tunes like Transatlantic Orbit, but the Space Cossacks are by no means restricted to the echoey guitar sound. Lots of big reverb and frenzied double picking. Black Sand is a great dynamic song where the lead guitar relaxes on a smooth melody while all kinds of energy is bubbling just under the surface in the drums and flashes of double-picked guitar – and this kind of thing goes on through the whole album. Lots of respect to Musick Records for another great release!