chantcd3.jpg (9200 bytes) Chantays - Re-plugged CD (Gee Dee –

Killer Dana, Pipeline, Smikin' Da Pipe, Dances With Waves, Riders In The Sky, So Cal Jungle, Baja, Clear The Room, Penetration, House Rock Rapid, Bailout At Frog Rock, Mr. Moto, Crystal T, Nightsand, Pipeline

Everybody knows the Chantays from Pipeline back in the 60's, but it might not be common knowledge that they've re-formed to play once in a while and put out a couple cds, starting with Next Set in 94, and a couple years later with Waiting For The Tide. Gee Dee records put out Re-plugged as a collection of material from both. Since I liked Next Set and haven't heard Waiting For The Tide, I was ready to really dig this album. But unfortunately the newer stuff sounds a little too poppy or synthy for my taste, so I can't say I'd recommend those tunes for the surf fan. Still, the tracks from Next Set included on here are definitely worth hearing, even though they're mostly covers of old surf standards. The 1994 Chantays did an especially blazing version of Riders In The Sky, which shows up on here with the Next Set tracks.