braincd1.jpg (10288 bytes) Brainwashers - Be Careful With That Surfboard CD (StormCoast -

Lucky Surfer, Bombora, Foiled, Oh Calcutta, Stacy, Vibro Surf, Dripper, Black Widow, Benzodiaspan, Barbie's Coat, G.A.S.P.

Although the Brainwashers are a surf trio from Oregon, they are not to be confused with the officially named Surf Trio, also from Oregon, despite the interbreeding of the two bands. Pete Weinberger plays guitar for both, and Surf Trio devotees will recognize his style and sound on this album. All except two songs on here are originals. Admittedly, I probably would have passed over this one if I saw it in a store without knowing about it, partly because of the cover art (on which, by the way, the surfer looks like he has two left feet) and the short song list. But it turns out there's some really nice work on here. I especially dig the energy, big reverb, and great fast surf melodies on Vibro Surf and G.A.S.P.